meager [mē′gər]
[ME megre < OFr megre (Fr maigre) < L macer, lean, thin < IE * makro- < base * māk-, long and thin > Gr makros, long, OE mæger, meager]
1. thin; lean; emaciated
2. of poor quality or small amount; not full or rich; inadequate: Brit., etc. sp. meagre
SYN.- MEAGER literally implies an emaciated thinness and, hence, connotes a lack of those qualities which give something richness, vigor, strength, etc. [meager cultural resources ]; SCANTY implies an inadequacy in amount, number, quantity, etc. of something essential [a scanty income ]; SCANT is applied to a barely sufficient amount or a stinted quantity [the scant attendance at the concert ]; SPARE implies less than a sufficient amount but does not necessarily connote great hardship [to live on spare rations ]; SPARSE applies to a scanty quantity that is thinly distributed over a wide area [his sparse hair ] -ANT. AMPLE, ABUNDANT, PLENTIFUL

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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